English Speaking Dentist in Tokyo-Tokyo Dentist Guide

Looking for English Speaking Dentists in Tokyo?Being a foreigner, finding an appropriate Dentist in Tokyo can be very troublesome. The language barrier makes access to dental care a serious problem for the non-Japanese.

Finding a dentist who is fluent in English sure is a problem in Japan but it is not uncommon to find expert doctors who have studied in the Top Universities in Japan and at prestigious medical schools overseas.

So worry no more, we will do our absolute best to find a suitable English speaking Dentist for you.

If you are a foreigner who lives in Tokyo and have a bad tooth or need a general dental check-up, here are our 6 recommendations for you.

*Please keep in mind the receptionist might have trouble speaking in English.

English Speaking Dentists : 6 Recommendations


Hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Hol

TEL 0066-9689-027091
Address : 1-7-7 Nagai Bld.2F, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan


RYO DENTAL CLINIC provides a variety of practices from implant treatments to anti-aging treatments.

It provides treatments based on evidence and solutions avoiding tooth extraction or shaving.

The clinic values its patients’ health with a strong belief that oral health is deeply connected to the overall health of the body.

Key Points regarding RYO DENTAL CLINIC

Dental Treatment by an Experienced Dental Director

Dr. Kitamura of Ryo Dental Clinic went overseas to study the techniques of periodontal disease treatment ,implant treatment and gain specialized knowledge in the respective areas.

He continues to study and hone his skills in order to be up to date with the modern dental care and expand it further in Japan.

This has been one of the main reasons why a lot of patients trust him and choose to go to Ryo Dental Clinic .


For a long time, I was suffering from a periodontal disease so I decided to go to a dentist with a high reputation on periodontal disease. With meager pain and discomfort, I experienced a very relaxed treatment on leathered seats!


A café like slick atmosphere which made me want to live here. I’ve always resisted dentists from a prior experience treating a decayed tooth at a different clinic. At Ryo’s clinic I was totally amazed in their exceptional way of treatment


2.Dental OC Cube Hibiya/Hibiya Periodic Implant Clinic

Hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Hol

TEL 0066-9689-017226
Address : Tōhō Twin Tower Building, 1-5-2, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,  Japan,2F

About Dental OC Cube Hibiya/Hibiya Periodic Implant Clinic

Dental OC Cube Hibiya/Hibiya Periodic Implant Clinic is located in Yurakucho, Chiyoda Ward with direct access from Hibiya station. This clinic’s specialization ranges from general dentistry to pediatric dentistry, main focus of the treatment being preventive dentistry.

The clinic makes sure that patients have a relaxing environment during a dental check-up or treatment. Extra care is taken to provide an extremely hygienic experience at all times.

All medical examinations are done in separate rooms ensuring patients’ privacy.

Open until 7pm on Weekdays!

Key points regarding Dental OC Cube Hibiya/Hibiya Periodic Implant Clinic

High End Facility

Dental OC Cube Hibiya/Hibiya Perio Implant Clinic is equipped with a dental CT scan machine. With special technology a detailed three dimensional image of your teeth and chin bone can be reviewed. Diagnosis of the bone quality is also made possible, making the results more accurate.

Moreover, the dentist answers to your oral problems no matter how minor they are, consults with care, and puts emphasis on functional recovery and oral hygiene management.

  • Dental CT Scanners (in the case of implant or dental braces) are not covered by insurance and costs may vary depending on the clinic.
  • Standard cost: Approximately 10,000 yen (examined by EPARK歯科)


I went to the dentist because of a tooth ache. I had no idea what my conditions were but the dentist kindly explained them to me in detail. I visited for a multiple times since it happened to be rooted pretty deeply. The reliable dentist described my situation before and after each checkup which really put me in ease.


I liked the classy reception and waiting room very much. Each room for operation was private with a relaxing atmosphere. I went to the dentist last week because my gums felt uneasy and swollen. Right away I found out that I had gingivitis, so I received dental plaque removal. The symptoms are all gone now.


3.Tokyo International Dental Clinic Roppongi

東京国際歯科 六本木

Hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Hol

Address : TIDS Bldg-2F, 5-13-25, Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan

About Tokyo International Dental Clinic Roppongi

Starting from general operations for decayed tooth, Tokyo International Dental Clinic Roppongi includes a wide variety of dental treatments.

The chief doctor specializes in periodontal disease treatment and root canal treatment while doctors who are specialized in dental oral surgery are at service as well.

Careful counseling is conducted to resolve patients’ anxiety and treatment methods are decided according to patients’ wishes.

If you are the sort of person who likes to know well about the treatment method beforehand and want to have a thorough discussion about it with your doctor, then this is the clinic for you.

Key points regarding Tokyo International Dental Clinic Roppongi

Complete Dental Facility

Tokyo International Dental Clinic conducts thorough and fine treatment using microscope and absolute examination / diagnosis using dental CT scanner. In addition, you can receive a top quality treatment from one of the doctors who is qualified as a certified medical doctor of “Japan Oral Surgery Association”.

The clinic tries to be as transparent as it can with the patients meaning they make sure of providing an easy to understand explanation of the any treatment opted. The patients are informed about the merits and demerits of treatment before taking any decisions.

If you have any doubts regarding the fee at the dentist’s, they would be cleared right in the beginning of the treatment as the doctor would provide you with all the explanation regarding self-expensed treatment and insurance treatment.

Tokyo International Dental Clinic aims for a high level of patient satisfaction by paying great attention to the patients’ wishes.

All operation rooms are private rooms so that patients undergo their treatment while being able to ask questions and discuss issues at ease.


I visited the dentist here, because my denture I was wearing for many years ceased to fit. My mouths started hurt and I even experienced headaches and shoulder pains from it. However, the doctor here fixed my denture in one visit and, kindly taught me how to take care of my dentures. Now, I am happy enjoying food I was not able to before, and a body without side effects.


I recently moved and I was searching for a new dentist in the area. I decided with this dentist because their reviews were good online. I did not have a decayed tooth but went for a checkup. They were very kind and now it is my go-to dentist.


4.Tokyo Opera City Dentistry

※English speaking doctor is only available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Hol

Address : Tokyo Opera City Tower(7th Floor),20-2, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo JAPAN.

About Tokyo Opera City Dentistry

At Tokyo Opera City Dentistry, with both male and female dentists there are five doctors enrolled in total. Each doctor has a different field of specialization, so based on your symptoms, you can consult a Doctor who is highly specialized in the respective field. English speaking doctor is only available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Key points regarding Tokyo Opera City Dentistry

Painless Treatment

Tokyo Opera City Dentistry ensures an easy and painless treatment by providing local anesthesia.

While applying anesthesia, in order to alleviate pain from the needle, an ointment categorized as “surface anesthesia” is applied.

Then a device called “Electrical Conduction Anesthesia Machine” is used to inject anesthesia in a painless manner.


I started going since I was in the same building.
It was easy to attend because they started and ended promptly.
With a proper explanation before the operation, I was treated without any worries. Thank you!


I visited the clinic with a sudden notice but the staff and doctor were very kind.
Prior to the treatment, I was given a thoughtful explanation with photos which solved all my issues and worries. I plan to visit this clinic in the future and would definitely recommend them to my friends.


5.Yo Dental Office Hiroo

Hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Hol
14:00~16:00  –  –

Address : HIROO23-1F, 5-14-14, Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0047, Japan

About Yo Dental Office Hiroo

YO DRNTL OFFICE HIROO aims at providing customized treatments that suit the patients as each individual has a different mouth/oral environment, hence an accurate examination and proper counseling are conducted before making any decision regarding the treatment. The main doctor has undergone a dental training experience at Gothenburg University in Sweden.

Key points regarding Yo Dental Office Hiroo

Severe Tooth Decay Treatment

Yo Dental Office Hiroo makes use of a microscope while treating tooth decay to view bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

If you have experienced any sort of tooth decay, be it simple or a severe one that has progressed to the roots of the teeth, you should consider consulting this clinic.


I decided to treat my decayed tooth here because the clinic was close to the station and can be easily located. The doctor was easy to understand and answered thoughtfully to my questions which helped me go through the treatment without any worries. The doctor was very kind and results were really neat.


Thanks for taking care of my daughter’s decayed tooth! I was very relieved that she was not afraid until the very end. I very much appreciate the doctors and staffs who treated her with kindness. It seems as if she was taught how to brush your teeth properly. Thanks to Yo Dental she takes initiative to polish her teeth well.


6.Aoyama St Omotesando Dental Clinic


Hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Hol

Address : 5-46-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,Japan

About Aoyama St Omotesando Dental Clinic

Aoyama st omotesando Dental Clinic specializes in self-care treatments in areas such as aesthetic dentistry and teeth implant.

Dr. Otara the head doctor is well known in the industry for her experience and skills in these two specialized fields, the reason due to which Dentists and Hygienists from other clinics visit her for treatment.

A short-term intensive treatment (self-expensed) can be discussed upon and considered for patients with busy schedules.

Key points regarding Aoyama St Omotesando Dental Clinic

Microscope Facilitated! Fine and Detailed Treatment

With priority on precision, treatments are conducted with microscopes. Building prosthesis and adjustments is made easy and accurate with the help of  20x focus. As this process is so detailed and fine, it allows the prosthesis to look almost exactly like a real tooth.

The staff has received training from experienced luxury hotels regarding Customer Care. Being so skilled at their jobs, the patients are able to enjoy a warm and caring environment that it doesn’t feel like they are at the Dentist’s.

In addition, there is a powder room for the ladies. For aesthetic and implant treatments that require maintenance the patients receive a “Omotenashi” hospitality experience.


The feature of this clinic is their fully equipped medical devices. Since my nature of my visit is to keep my teeth clean rather than being treated I very much appreciate their new technology. Great access from the station as well.


I visit this clinic since it’s in the neighborhood. I am very happy with them because the results were ideally clean. They are famous for prioritizing beauty in their treatments and I am glad I came here.



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